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Rope access work

Rope-access working techniques are used as means of reaching exposed work locations and being able to carry out work safely in those exposed locations. Rope-access work is applied both at heights and at depths, such as in shafts or confined spaces.The crucial thing is that they provide safe access. offground solutions operates in accordance with internationally recognised IRATA standards, with the utmost safety, efficiency and effectiveness in mind. offground solutions attaches importance to making a distinction between industrial rope-access techniques (=health & safety) and alpine rope techniques (=mountaineering). offground solutions is mindful of its responsibilities towards its customers in this regard and, therefore, makes a strict distinction between these two disciplines.

Quality workmanship

The highest quality of workmanship is every bit as important to us as the absolute attention to health and safety. offground solutions is particularly inspired by the task of creating cost-efficient & safe solutions to the challenging and complex problems faced by our customers.

Advice right from the planning phase

The cost-effective and practical maintenance of buildings and their façades are increasingly important to developers and owners. offground solutions advises owners and developers right from the planning stage of complex buildings in order to guarantee that rope-access maintenance is performed as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our motto is:

"The highest form of perfection is in SIMPLICITY"

IRATA - Industrial Rope Access Trade Association

IRATA was founded in the late 80s from an initiative by leading UK companies which used rope-access techniques for industrial purposes. A training and test system has been developed which is recognised today as the only one of its kind in the world and is ranked among the very best. The rope-access techniques developed by IRATA were subsequently used for maintenance, repair and inspection work which would otherwise have been very difficult, if not altogether impossible.The IRATA system is enjoying ever greater popularity around the world thanks to its unrivalled accident statistics, quick erection and dismantling times, the rope systems and the streamlined overall system that generally prevents operational interruptions. Nowadays, IRATA is regarded as one of the world's leading umbrella organisations for rope access techniques with over 350 member companies and over 74,000 trained rope-access technicians worldwide. IRATA is a Best Practice Model that has been continuously improved and refined for almost 30 years, based on feedback from rope-access technicians. offground solutions is one of the first companies in Austria to perform rope-access work and training in accordance with these international standards.